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Tempura Bite

Seoul Restaurant

- Aberdeen -

Korean BBQ & Japanese


- ​阿伯丁 -

韩国菜 和 日本菜

Flavor in Every Bite

The first Japanese and Korean style restaurant in Aberdeen, Fresh ingredients. Sushi, grilled skewers, tempura, bone marrow noodle soup, udon, pork chop rice, eel rice, etc. Also a variety of sake. Korean BBQ and stone pot rice. The store is spacious and bright, with 5 central air conditioners, 3 TVs, 10 fresh air intakes, including (male and female toilets), 6 exhaust air and 20 Japanese and Korean music speakers, and 10 barbecue tables that can also accommodate 60 and 60 people. There are sushi seats, and the shop is decorated with colorful 18 lanterns🏮 and more than 100 LED lights of various imported dishes and colorful cloths.


新鲜食材。寿司 ,烤串,天付罗,骨髓汤面, 乌冬,猪扒饭,鳗鱼饭等等各种。还有各种清酒.韩国烧烤和石锅饭。

店铺宽敞明亮 有5台中央空调 3台电视机 有10台新鲜进气包括(男女厕所)有6台排空气和20个播放日韩音乐喇叭,有10张烧烤桌也可以容纳坐60位和60位寿司座位,店布置五颜六色18个灯笼🏮和一百多个LED灯 各种进口碗碟和彩布.

The Story Behind Seoul Korean & Japanese Restaurant

At the core of any great Japanese Restaurant, there is a desire to develop and provide a truly extraordinary dining experience. At Seoul Restaurant, the courses are built on seasonal properties, utilizing only the freshest, most delicious ingredients available. Our atmosphere is traditional but unique, and each dish is composed to ensure a bold yet simplistic culinary adventure.

Combo Platter

Contact Us

13 Crown Street, Aberdeen AB11 6HA

01224 596 537

Japanese Breakfast
Salmon Sashimi

Opening Hours

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7Days a Week

12noon - 10:00pm

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